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To use a powerup, press C.

Image Name Description
Powerup2 Kamikaze By using this bonus, you decide to give up on life. Indeed, your spacebar freezes and every time you move a bomb arises. You do not know definitely hold a bomb. Run as fast as possible to keep from dying, but mostly full of kill enemies!
Powerup4 Vampire A vampire has bitten you, so you become a vampire and your speed increases to your death! Unfortunately, you're not a high-level vampire and you can not bite your opponents. With a little practice it will come.
Powerup5 Mud This bonus allows you to knock your opponent into the mud and steal his speed. It becomes slower and you faster! Be careful though not to get caught by the police for this flight speed and especially beware of speeding !!
Powerup6 Zombie By using this bonus, a curse is unleashed against you and you lose 20% of your speed. However when you die by being zombie, you have time to launch the curse on him / her who killed you. He / she becomes zombie turn. Using it turns you into a Zombie (Zombie), slowing you down for the rest of the round; should someone who isn't a zombie kills you, though, they will become a zombie as well.
Powerup7 Banana This bonus gives you a banana peel that you can put on the map in order to bring down the other opponents, when an opponent walks on the banana peel, a speed penalty given to him because of his sore leg had to to his fall.
Powerup8 Shield The shield puts you in a plasma-made bubble shield that protects you. When a bomb explodes and you touch it, the bubble explodes and you will not die. So grant you a second chance, regardless.
Powerup9 Speed Phew, you catch skates and earn 20% speed! You can escape your enemies or attack them with a decent speed of Tony Hawks! Surprise guaranteed! Gare, however, not to block you within a block because of this bonus.
Powerup10 Demining Used near a bomb or a bomb chain, bonus detonated / closest bombs within 5 bombs by changing their scope to 0. This has the effect of only disintegrate bombs question.
Powerup12 Hazelnut+ Spawns 1-9 hazelnuts when used.
Powerup13 Blockade This bonus invokes indestructible 10 blocks that make up goshawks of you to protect you. One box is free, it allows you to get out. This output is placed in the direction of your character. Please note all times not to get stuck in your own bunker or is certain death. Adds blocks in all 8 squares surrounding your current position.
Powerup14 Bonus Pickups This bonus is a bonus that allows enfaite to show others. When called, it invokes bomb type boxes, range, bomb change or bonus. Spawns 1-9 pickups when used.
Powerup15 Shove
Powerup16 Freeze With this bonus, you will be able to freeze the bomb close to you for a period of 5 seconds. You'll have no excuse to die! Now, run!

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