The Bomb is the main object of the game that all players will have to start each round. Available in several types, the bomb will effectively destroy the environment and eliminate their opponents. At the beginning of each new round, the player will have available two bombs he could drop through the space of his keyboard. As and when you pick up the bomb type boxes, the number of available bombs (visible in the upper left corner of the interface) increases. Bombs can also be improved through the random bomb bonus or increasing the scope of the object using the bonus power.

The bomb is an object placed on the map by the player, it usually explodes after 5 seconds (time may vary depending on the type of bomb). When placed on the map, it takes the physical characteristics of a block. It is therefore impossible to cross or walk on it (can you see a player go through one / several bomb (s), according to a certain timing the player can spend on one / several bomb (s).

The bomb is shown in the logo appears during the loading time of the game. It is an element without which the game would not. No bomb, no Bouboum!

Name Description
Normal bomb Normal bomb Just a regular bomb.
Star bomb Star bomb The bomb star is one of the variations of normal bomb. It falls into the category of bad contact bombs. Also, its explosion time can vary from 0 seconds to 15 seconds. A bomb is a bomb poor contact whose characteristics are random, this is the kind of bomb made the wild in a cave, this is why this type of bomb can explode in your face in a half-second after installation or after 15 seconds. Beware! Random detonation time.
Eco bomb Ecological bomb The ecological bomb is one of several versions of the bomb, its specialty is to create new blocks during his explosion, the number of blocks created is random. There may be some blocks created during its explosion. Take care not to prepare a second bomb where a block may appraître, so does your survival. Rarely creates a destruct-able block.
Confetti bomb Confetti bomb The confetii bomb is a bomb part of the small family of poor contact bombs. When it explodes, the explosion can reach the last bomb of your system in less than 2 seconds or stop after 3 bombs exploded. Moreover, the scope of each explosion is random but takes into account your bomb power (see top left of the interface). Once these bombs made with torn off in a city garage! Random explosion range.
Ultra bomb Laser bomb The laser bomb is a bomb with more sporting many unique features, it allows explodes lorsque'elle break indestructible blocks and for 20 seconds after premoère minute. When it explodes, the surrounding indestructible blocks are destroyed and leave (or no) room for different bonuses. Can destroy non-destruct-able blocks.
Nuclear bomb Nuclear bomb The nuclear bomb is a bomb that can detonate in your face. Due to a manufacturing defect in the detonator, when it receives an explosion from another bomb, it explodes with the power of the bomb and faster growing. This is a real bomb kamikaze! Garre to you if you make lines. It could put you a kick in the ass! Detonates other Nuclear bombs.
Dangerous bomb Skull bomb The skull Bomb is one of the improvements of the conventional bomb. To get it, you have to pick up the bomb bonus at random, and with any luck, it will appear in your inventory (visible icon in the upper left corner). Compared to others, this bomb has the characteristic two destructible elements instead of one. Thus, a player can be eliminated, while hiding behind a panel. It can not, however, destroy any non-destructible element. Can destroy every block.